The Bomb Squad is the officiating crew of the Boulder County Bombers. Referees keep derby safe, NSOs (non-skating officials) make derby possible. We couldn’t do it without them!

Mascot:  Betty Bomber

Skating Officials

  • Mandamonium, Head Ref
  • McSteamy, Ref
  • Ida REF dat, Ref
  • Bash Tag, Ref
  • Bird House, Ref
  • Matt Robinson, Ref-in-Training
  • Lord Voldimatt, Ref-in-Training
  • Farrah Foul-Her, Ref-in-Training

Non-Skating Officials (NSO)

  • Spectre, Head NSO
  • Curve Br8ker, NSO
  • Cavity Creep, NSO
  • Batty Mae, NSO
  • Mad Mathesis, NSO
  • Radar D Tektor, NSO
  • RoSlamBo, NSO
  • George, NSO
  • William Metzler, NSO
  • Xenopus Jameson, NSO
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