• Name & Number: Vinni Vidi Vici #64

  • Position: Blammer

  • Teams: Bombshells and Daisy Nukes

  • Years Skating: 1.5

How did you get involved in roller derby?

I’d been meaning to check it out for a while when I saw a sign outside the Fairgrounds for last year’s mix-up bout. Dinah Fire answered some questions about the game and suggested I try it out. I guess a part of me knew how badly I needed this in my life.

Who is your derby hero?

I have to give it up to Syndey Catastrophoebe Cooper Mortensen – a BCB legend, a stone-cold killer on the track, a crazy versatile skater, and an incredibly supportive teammate. Phoebe was also my coach during phase 2 training, where she kicked the sh** out of me (us) every week, giving me a taste of what I could expect — and what I needed to expect of myself — skating with the Travel Team.

What’s your pre-bout pump up song?

Run The Jewels’ Sea Legs/Job Well Done do the trick.

What is your best bout after party dance move?

The move is more of a face that alternates between stank and pure joy.

How has roller derby impacted your life?

My first thought goes to the people I’ve met here, who are fierce, unapologetic, endlessly inspiring treasures that I’ve made great friendships with and learn from every damn day. Derby is also the thing that forces me to face my anxiety and self-doubt – and leaves little room for them

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