• Name & Number: Rocky Roadrash #116

  • Position: Jammer

  • Teams: Bombshells and Daisy Nukes

  • Years Skating: 2-2.5

How did you get involved in roller derby?

I’ve always been involved in very competitive team sports throughout my life. So when an old field hockey teammate reached out to me and said that she loves derby, and thinks I would too, I signed up for the next orientation, bought skates, and started skating on a banked track.

Who is your derby hero?

I’m a pretty big fan of Miss Tea Maven, Short Stop, Loren Mutch. They’re all jammers, but with their own styles. I’ve taken a lot of classes from Maven and love the way she thinks and explains her drills and maneuvers.

What’s your pre-bout pump up song?

It changes. I usually listen to at least 3 songs at some point: “Legacy” by Eminem, “Danny’s Song” by Loggins & Messina, and almost anything by Drake. They’re very different and I try to mix up songs that make me angry, make me proud, and make me think of my family.

What is your best bout after party dance move?

I like the running man a whole lot. Before the bout, during the bout, and after the bout.

How has roller derby impacted your life?

Roller derby has, no surprise here, given me a safe place to let myself be aggressive in a healthy way. I’m a very competitive, highly passionate person and without an outlet like that, I’m not too fun to be around. It’s also challenged me, made me more patient with both myself and the people around me, and reminded me that when people come together, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs, for one common goal shit. gets. done.

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