• Name & Number: Yo’Leeta Applebum #0425

  • Position: Jammer

  • Teams: Bombshells and Shrap Nellies

  • Years Skating: 2

How did you get involved in roller derby?

Sydney Alexandria Anne CatastroPhoebe Cooper Mortensen

Who is your derby hero?

That’s really hard, I’m on a team of heroes. Juicy J though, because she never ever gives up.

What’s your pre-bout pump up song?

Eye of the Tiger

What is your best bout after party dance move?

Ah haha in the moment, all of them. In retrospect, none of them.

How has roller derby impacted your life?

Shew. There are a million ways this sport has changed my life. My outlook on myself, on women in general, on the world. For myself personally, I’ve found a well of strength I didn’t know that I had. It was dug out by some phenomenal humans who watered it and helped it grow. Both mentally and physically this game has made me feel that no matter the challenge I can and will get through it, either by myself or with the help of a community of incredible humans. I see this strength and growth reflected in all of my teammates, I feel it in the overwhelming love and support that is offered and given without question from every person in this community. It makes me want to be a better person, it makes me want to be a kinder and stronger woman for everyone I come in contact with. It makes me grateful for the things I have and makes me want to give that to others. It’s given me gratitude. That would be the short answer to huge paragraph above. Grateful for an unwavering community, friends that love enough to hit you harder, and a sport that pushes you to grow even when it’s uncomfortable and you don’t think you can.

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