• Name & Number: Butters #514

  • Position: Blocker

  • Teams: Bombshells and Night Witches

  • Years Skating: 3

How did you get involved in roller derby?

My best friend invited me to a new recruit night. I needed something new in my life, even if it seemed beyond my scope – and hey, it ended up being a great fit.

Who is your derby hero?

Oh geeze, like, literally everyone who strap on skates and gives 100%. It takes lots of courage and humility to roll onto the track. Specifically, within the league, I would say Catastropheobe is my hero. Fiercely strong and fiercely passionate. We have a similar physical build and it’s incredibly helpful to have someone who can share their experience and skill as a smaller blocker.

What’s your pre-bout pump up song?

I have an entire playlist that I rely on, but my favorite is currently 90s Music by Kimbra.

What is your best bout after party dance move?

Haha, I just shake my hips and hope for the best.

How has roller derby impacted your life?

Roller derby has changed me in ways that words cannot fully describe. But I’ll try…

Because of roller derby, I’ve become more confident, happier, stronger, and social. It’s helped me to refine my identity and personality, both on and off the track. Within the derby community, I find people I relate to and people that I admire. Roller derby makes my heart full, and that’s all I could really ask for.

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